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Dirección: LINDBERGHS GATE 10, BOX 919 (195 05 ARLANDASTAD)
Descripción General:

This newly built hotel is located only 5 km from Stockholm"s International Airport in Arlanda. The local town of Arlandstad is only a short walk or bicycle ride away where a shopping centre can be found, while behind the hotel is the green and picturesque Arlandatad Golf Course

The large rooms are exactly the same as the medium rooms but provide a few extra sq metres which allows for greater comfort and the ability for a twin bed configuration. They are nicely furnished using light walls and warm colours for all textiles, with modern facilities such as plasma TV"s, wireless internet connections and spotlights. The bathrooms are white throughout and tiled meaning they are exceptionally clean and functional. Also available are X-Large rooms which offer a 18 sq metre outdoor terrace overlooking Arlandastad gold course and great for the summer

The restaurant is located in a huge glassed-in space known as the living room. It is where breakfast is taken along with lighter meals throughout the day.

A entirely newly built hotel which was opened in late 2005. It uses a combination of glass, steel and brick to create an asthetically pleasing and modern space. The building is also very enviromentally aware.

The lobby and restaurant are located in a huge 300 Square metres glassed-in living room with 9 metres from floor to ceiling. Located on the lobby side beside the reception desk are all kinds of seating, from cosy armchairs to bar stools at the community table or the bar. There is also a large Plasma TV and fire place furnishing one corner making a very cosy and intimate environment in which to relax.

A great new hotel and addition to the Arlanda region of Stockholm. It offers an excellent location for those using the nearby International area and golf course, however, being only 40km"s from downtown Stockholm means it is also perfect for budget concsious travellers wishing to enjoy the delights of this fantastic capital city and its immedi

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